"Either the world is so tiny or else we are so gigantic; in any case we fill it completely." - Franz Kafka


Bath Poetry marries two of my favourite things; apothecary and poetry. This product arose from a desire to create safe and natural bath products for my family and to infuse life with more poetry; to sneak it in the least expected places. Bath Poetry is handmade in small batches in Lumsden SK, Canada, using only natural ingredients. The essential oil blends are uniquely created to transport you; drawing from emotions, experiences, place, and memory.

Poetry has inspired my daily experiences since an early age, whether I was writing emotional love poems as a teenager, studying the French Masters as a university student, or reading Leonard Cohen before bed after a long work day. My desire is to share the guidance, inspiration, and motivation that poetry has brought to my life with you. I believe that the more poetry we can include in our daily lives and experiences, the better this world will be.

Nicolle Nugent